The story of how I came to faith does not have a knock your socks off moment. In fact, I don't recall any memories of becoming a Christian. I just assumed I was because I was Catholic. However, years later I would realize your heritage does not make you right with God, but your relationship does through repentance.

I was born in the small town of Elizabeth, Pennsylvania in 1952, and raised by godly Catholic parents. In my early years, I attended Catholic school. While there, I attended catechism classes, memorized prayers, and learned the rules of the Catholic church. I never thought of God as the loving father, I had no idea of a personal relationship with Him, and the Holy Spirit guidance and wisdom "What was that?" By embracing this faith, God became my creator, Jesus was his son, and the Holy Spirit a flying dove carrying a message. I was content to learn my catechism lessons, show up for church on Sunday, and try to be a good kid so I could go to heaven. My understanding and Bible background was lacking, but that would grow in time.

In high school, I began to attend churches of other denominations with my friends. Their youth groups were fun and exciting, but they had a different approach to God. They actually read the Bible and learned verses. This began to grow on me, and as time moved on, I came to love listening to ministers and their Bible teaching lessons.

Moving on into my twenties, I recall being asked to go to a revival service. My answer was "Yes." During that meeting there was an altar call. I felt convicted to move in that direction, so I did. As I stood there accepting Jesus as my Lord and Savior, tears welled up in my eyes, and my heart felt like it was going to burst. That was my personal moment of saying I'm sorry, and the beginning of a new relationship with God my Father, Jesus my Savior, and the Holy Spirit my Helper. By this time in my life, I knew my faults, and it was time for change. God showed me that I cannot do this life on my own, nor am I made too. He has taught me to surrender everything to him, and so I came to know and be thankful for his grace.

Throughout the years I have continued to walk with Jesus my friend. My husband and I tried to raise our family built on Godly principles. Whether my children will embrace faith tomorrow or spend years going their own way first, their salvation will be because of His amazing grace. Life moves quickly and I grew to love Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior. My loving Jesus has rescued me from death physically and spiritually, filled me with hope, and directed me in the decisions that have shaped my life.

Last year, God led me to be baptized as the next step in my faith journey. Being baptized was my outward profession to follow Jesus and place my trust in Him. This walk I have chosen to take with the Lord Jesus has taken a lifetime and there is nothing I would change. After all, it's all part of his glorious plan.

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Julieanna - January 31st, 2024 at 8:01am

What a beautiful testimony of continued growth in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ. Thanks for sharing!