Bag Brigade Service Moves the Community

Last month my daughter’s soccer team volunteered to pack bags at the Bag Brigade. We had about 20 girls and 6 or 7 parents and 1 coach packing all kinds of food, candy, and toiletries.  If you’ve never been packing, it’s amazing!! It’s a well-oiled machine operation that organizes and assembles hundreds of meals in less than one hour.

About 20 minutes into packing my daughter’s coach looked up at me as we scurried by each other, arms full of food, and said ‘this is AMAZING!  This is the kind of thing I want my girls doing. Sign them up once a month or at least every other month.’

Coach also happens to work for a local store and has had the opportunity to make several donations to various church ministries in the past, like over-stock toys, and outdated seasonal items which I never turn down.

About two weeks before we packed for Bag Brigade coach had donated a few boxes of chocolates for children’s ministries. My mom being the VBS leader wanted to keep it for VBS but felt that with Valentines Day around the corner we should give it to Bag Brigade and just pray that another donation would come in for VBS. So we prayed...

The day after the team packed coach called me from her store. She was so moved by the Bag Brigade operation she called me and wanted to know if I was interested in taking a big donation of items she was getting rid of from her store. Ah, yes!!!  All she said was “bring a truck!”  She donated an entire truck full of toys, candy, games, hand sanitizer, and wipes.  Enough for VBS, Bag Brigade, VBS, special outreach projects, and then some...

Keep praying, ask in faith.

God is good!! All the time!!!
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