Discipleship Family has First Responder's Breakfast

On September 25, 2021 Gospel Alliance had a contingent of first responders show up at the front doors of the building.  It was not in response to a big emergency and it was not a surprise to one of our Discipleship Families (DF). One of our DFs held an appreciation breakfast for the local first responders which included fire, police, and emergency medical departments. All three services were represented, and one local police department even brought a K-9 unit named Duvall.  The most well represented group was the Collinsburg Volunteer Fire Department which brought 27 people.  
     The responders were served a buffet breakfast of pancakes, eggs, sausage, bacon, fruit, and sausage gravy over biscuits. They also were able to enter a basket giveaway. The four baskets were provided by members of the DF and included an Italian dinner basket. a large wicker snack basket, a hand-made wooden bowl with an Amazon gift card, and an embroidered patriotic snack tote. 
     Conversations and storytelling took place around breakfast. Our guests were welcomed to fill in prayer request forms. New Testaments were provided to anyone that wanted to take one as well as a gospel tract specifically for first responders.  Information about GAC, our kid's programs, adult education and service times were given as well.  
       It was good to have such an important part of the community welcomed into our building to interact with one of our Discipleship Families. As we reach OUT we realize that we are making connections that will have eternal results. It was a pleasure to serve our First Responders because they do not hesitate to help us when the need arises.   We thank God for opportunities like this.
Thanks to GAC for prayer in advance of the event and to all that offered to help us!!!!! 
Dave Carson for our entire Discipleship Family

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