God uses GAC Grad in Cleveland

Many of you have watched Joel Engstrom grow up and into a young adult as a member of the Gospel Alliance Family.  It is exciting for our church when our youth choose to further their knowledge in Biblical and Religious studies.  

Joel shared some of the ways God is calling him to spend his time through his internship in Cleveland.  He is helping to lead a 6th grade boys small group at youth group and teaching a Sunday class every other week.  He has also had the opportunity to shadow the pastor in charge of counseling and will soon be sitting in on sessions.
He is learning how the church functions from day to day, how to prepare a sermon and shepherding members through difficult situations.  He is studying the structure and general philosophy to Biblical and marriage counseling.  On a relational level, he has learned that 6th grade boys are a bunch of fun, talkative, and malleable but also very interested in exploring faith and the Bible.

As his church family we can partner with him through prayer as he draws near to God and fulfilling the call on His life.   He asks us to pray that God continue to sanctify His heart and draw him closer.  Pray that God would continue to teach him how to be a Biblically centered pastor and use His lessons and conversations to draw people to Himself.  May God prepare Joel and his fiancĂ© for marriage and have His hand in finding jobs, wedding preparation, and all the other details.
"It is awesome to know people from GAC are praying for me. I am thankful for the church family there that has been so supportive of me as I pursue ministry. May God shine His face upon His people there." Joel Engstrom

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