Untamed Holiness

As Julie and I explored the Oregon coast we were awed by the majesty and splendor of Creation. I thought how what is created demonstrates what the Creator is like. From powerful waves crashing upon the rocky coast to a giant whale emerging from the depths, I was humbled by the majesty and splendor of God Himself. As we explored the “untamed wilderness” of the Pacific Northwest, another phrase came to my mind - “untamed holiness.”  I turned that phrase over in my mind.
            If I am honest, I prefer God to be predictable. I want his character to be easily understood and nicely categorized. I want Him to be safe, controllable, and comprehendible. I want to know his expectations upfront and to have clear lines - black and white. I want a God that fits into my theological box.
But the true God is not. He’s so much more complex than my mind can grasp. He is unpredictable, yet consistent.  He is seemingly reckless and dependable at the same time.  He appears spontaneous and planned, meticulous yet flexible. He’s not safe but is loving. He cannot be contained, won’t be limited, refuses to share control.  He won’t be domesticated. He is not tame.
  • Rather than trying to figure Him out, maybe I should look for what He does reveal about Himself.
  • Rather than focusing on all the inconsistencies, maybe I should be in awe and worship more.
  • Rather than worry about being right, maybe I rely on Him for making me right in His way, in His time.
  • Rather than trying to control my circumstances, maybe I should rest in Him in the uncertainties.
May this untamed God, so vastly different than me, hold me tight in the wild wilderness of life.

All creation testifies to what God is like.
**Psalm 19:1-6, Romans 1:20; Hebrews 11:3**
-Pastor Bob Riconda

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