GAC Dek Hockey Team

Often as Christians we participate in activities and ministry events and are unable to determine if we helped bring anyone to Christ, or did anything to strengthen their walk with the Lord.  The Dek Hockey team at GAC has been active a few years, and there have been questions about the impact the team has had on the community.

Most sports teams measure success by wins and losses, but how does the Gospel Alliance Dek Hockey Team measure success?  That is not always an easy question to answer.  Is this team successful because it has won multiple championships?  By some yardsticks, championships can be the measure of success.  The real success of this team, however, is that it provides an outlet for members, regular attendees, and - in some cases – unchurched players that enjoy competing in athletics an opportunity to do so, in a way that shows Jesus.

The hockey team shows Jesus in simple ways like gathering before each game in prayer.   They demonstrate you can play hard and aim to win but without foul language and dirty play (at least most of the time J ).  The team shakes hands and congratulates the players on the other team, invites them to join in prayer or asks if there’s a need we can pray over for them.  If you wonder if these simple principals make a difference, consider the below photo – notice it’s not all GAC players on their knees.

If you are interested in joining the GAC Dek Hockey Team see Brian Eisengart!!!

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