gospel alliance women

Encourage women to know and follow Jesus daily. Equip women to grow in a relationship with Christ. Empower women to go spread the Gospel both near and far. 

Winter Bible Study

Wednesday Evenings 6:30 - 7:50 PM @ the main building

We are going to unpack some of the Bible’s most significant promises so we can be equipped to overcome difficult circumstances to keep our focus on the sure foundation of hope found in the promises of Scripture.  There are many reasons some can feel overwhelmed with our world being so unsteady lately, so now more than ever we need the definitive declarations of our mighty and loving God. 

Spring Retreat: Freedom...In Christ

April 9 - 11th, Jumonville Christian Camp & Retreat Center

Trapped by circumstances, the past, bad relationships. Cornered by lies, obligations and expectations. Snared by fears, anxieties and insecurities. We were created for more than this!  This retreat explores the realities of life today as a woman of God. It exposes the lies gripping our minds and upending our hearts. Together we will learn the truth of who God declares we are so we can freely embrace our purpose in life. Using Biblical teaching and small group discussions we will embrace the freedom and dignity in Christ and make changes for our future. Together we will influence our world with Jesus. Open to ladies 14 and up. Find out more.

Meet the Director of Women's Ministries

Linda is passionate about discipling, prayer, and teaching scripture from beginner to beyond to give others the mentoring opportunity she lacked early on in her Christian faith. 
Prior to joining the GAC family (over 10 years ago) she was so greatly impacted by the faith of the women she encountered in her very first women’s study she was inspired to lead other women to recognize what it looks like to know and follow God...and make it contagious.