Discipleship Family Encounter

When ministry is part of everyday life sharing our faith becomes real.
A couple weeks ago we were with our Discipleship Family celebrating a birthday at La Eda’s.   One of the fun things we do as a DF is go out to eat and look for some way to bless someone we encounter.  

Our waitress was fun and we all seemed to connect with her, she had us all sing “Happy Birthday” to the birthday boy and she was definitely making us want to come back to this restaurant.  Well, one of us asked her if there was anything she would like us to pray for.  Emotions seemed to be right below the surface as she shared about her husband and how at one point she had been connected to our church and knew some of the same people we did.  We said we would pray for her and continued on with our fun times and meals.  

After we left, we were standing outside because none of us really wanted to go home, we love being together.  Our waitress comes running outside and comes up to one of us, apologizing for getting so emotional.  She pours out her hurt and need, we pray right there in the parking lot for her.  With tears in her eyes she runs back inside to work.  We gather as a group and once again lift her and her husband to the Lord.  We know this was no chance encounter and that her life has been touched by the love of God.  But not only her life but ours as our faith is lived out in the everyday of life.

We look forward to what our next restaurant encounter will be and who God will bring into our lives with the good food!

Julie Riconda

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