How am I contacted if my child needs me?
                -We will text the number provided when you registered and ask you to come to the classroom.
Can I stay with my child?
                -You are welcome to stay and observe your child. Because we value the safety of all children, you will need to have your child claim ticket and only interact with your child.
Is there a fee for Alliance Kidz?
                -The Sunday program is free of charge.
                -The Wednesday program has a cost associated with registration that covers books, fees, uniforms, and the like. The fee is listed with the registration form.
What are the ages for attending Alliance Kidz?
                -Both Sunday and Wednesday programs are available for 3 years old to sixth grade.
                -Wednesdays programing parents of sixth graders choose to have their child in Alliance Kidz or in Alliance Youth.
What do you do for safety?
                -At check in, children receive a name tag and parents receive a claim ticket with matching, random numbers. The parent must have the claim ticket to pick up their child.
                -Children are picked up immediately after the worship service. A sibling 14 years of age or older can pick up your child with the claim ticket.
                -Requirements for serving, listed on the website, are completed by all volunteers in Alliance Kidz. These include state required clearances, volunteer training, and Ministry Safe training.
                -There are a minimum of two adults in the classroom with children.
                -Entrances to the halls are monitored by Gatekeepers that also check for your child’s tag and your claim ticket prior to you moving into the secure children’s area.
Do I need to be a member to have my children attend the programs?
                -Although we would enjoy you being part of the Gospel Alliance family, it is not a requirement for your children to attend our programs.
What do I do if I would like to have my child dedicated?
                -Child dedications occur throughout the year at various times. Please email the office to inquire about scheduling a child dedication.