Soul Care Conference

Soul Care Conference

Thursday - Saturday        
9:00 AM - 5:00PM    
Gospel Alliance Church
1011 Fells Church Road Rostraver Twp., PA, 15012


EVERYONE who registers in November will qualify for...

a brand new luggage set!


$100/ Person    OR
$75   Gospel Alliance Church Members
$125 Gospel Alliance Church Married Couples

Thursday, Friday & Saturday, March 3-5
9am - 5pm each day

Sometimes the bitterness, shame, fear and pain that is filling our soul keeps us from fully experiencing the peace and joy that Christ has for us. Take a few days to learn and apply Biblical principles for healing the soul and finding freedom and fullness in Christ!

Identity/Overcoming Lies About Yourself


Breaking Family Sin Patterns

Forgiving Others

Healing Wounds

Overcoming Fears


During each session a ministry time will be provided for participants to process their own journey and lead others through healing.

In September-October 2020, Pastor Bob walked us through How to Care For Your Soul based on these principles.  Since that time many in our church family have read Rob's book and are allowing the Holy Spirit to lead them in doing the hard work of applying the principles of Soul Care.

Click HERE to revisit the Sunday Sermon Series.

Click HERE to get a copy of Rob's book, Soul Care: 7 Transformational Principles for a Healthy Soul. (Available as an e-book or an audio book as well).

Dr. Rob Reimer will be with us March 3-5 2022, we can begin preparing our hearts now for the life transforming work of the Holy Spirit regarding matters of the Soul.

What Others are Saying about Soul Care

“In my younger years I was a bit of a pest. I would often frustrate people with my silly behaviour and so on more than one occasion was challenged with the words, “It is time you grow up!” Author Rob Reimer, in his book, Soul Care, not only boldly dares us to “Grow up” but actually articulates a pathway to help us do just that. In his refreshingly open and honest style, the author takes us on a journey into the delicate spaces of our soul. He asks the questions that we must wrestle with if we are going to find our way to maturity and wholeness. He states: “Growing up is a hard business and it is a heart business.” However, failure to step into that challenge permits us to grow older in years but stay infants emotionally. The author warns, “Our immaturity always impairs our productivity. Our sinfulness detracts from our fruitfulness.” This is a daring book in that it pushes open doors that many of us would prefer to leave closed. The call to walk in the light through engaging in a “life confession” with some trusted friends is a powerful invitation into freedom from toxic shame. This book is also a healing book. It delicately addresses the wounds of the soul and provides wisdom on how to clean up and remove the debris from our past and embrace fresh courage to face the complexities of the present. Don’t miss this call to “Grow up!” It is compelling, liberating and worth the journey.”
— Rev. David Hearn, President, Christian & Missionary Alliance of Canada

What Others are Saying about Soul Care

“The scriptural truths in Soul Care are absolutely transformative for walking intimately with the Father.  Thirty years of walking as a Christian and this one book (other than the Word itself) has changed me forever.  Worth the time and money in a conference ( have done 2) and working through in small groups ( have done 5).  Don’t hesitate to do it!”
— L. Crownover, Pennsylvania-

What Others are Saying about Soul Care

“When I think of all the money and time that I have put in over the last 15 years for therapy, which never really resolved my underlying soul issues... I went to the Soul Care weekend in New Jersey with Rob‘s team and in three days healed so many old wounds, broke so many sin patterns,  healed my empty broken heart and renewed in me a faith so strong that without a shadow of a doubt,  God is good, always. Jesus is never nervous and I am forever loved by God. Worth every dollar and beyond! Thank You Soul Care Warriors! ”
— M.P. Tramuta

What Others are Saying about Soul Care

“I watched the videos and worked through the Soul Care book in my small group prior to the conference.  The “stuff” Jesus was helping me unpack from my suitcase was painful yet so freeing.  I never understood why I thought or behaved the way I did most of my life, I couldn’t change without awareness and SC helped to guide me to the roots of my issues. The conference was amazing and far exceeded my expectations.  Rob Reimer is such a gifted teacher, he’s open and vulnerable speaking about his own soul issues and balances these difficult topics with light hearted humour.  One of my biggest fears was abandonment.  SC took me back to my experience of being hospitalized as an infant. I was left alone often. Holy Spirit light bulb went off!  I finally got the the root of my fear of abandonment! Since the conference I don’t feel that heaviness of being alone when my family have to be away for a day or two.  The cost of the live conference was very affordable and I would highly recommend anyone to this life changing conference.  I intend on having a Soul Care refresher every 2 - 3 years - the healthier my soul, the closer my relationship with Jesus! ”

— D. Bear, Canada