What is Greenhouse?

The Greenhouse is a practical education program designed to help equip God's people for life and ministry. Since God's Word is profitable for teaching, for redirecting,  for correcting, and for training in righteousness, we want to take it seriously with an intentional series of classes designed with three goals in mind:


Greenhouse Information:

Greenhouse Classes typically take place on Sundays and Wednesdays. They are geared toward adults and teens.
E-mail the office if you have questions about upcoming classes.
Check back here for scheduled start dates.

Future topics include:
  • Knowing Our Bigger Family, The Alliance
  • Finding Your Place in God's Family
  • Foundations of Belief: The Holy Spirit
  • Understanding Discipleship Families
  • Defending Your Faith in Crazy Times
  • The Puzzle of the End Times
  • The Life of Jesus

Scheduled Classes:

Knowing Our Bigger Family, The Alliance    October 2-November 6, 9:30am
  • We are part of a movement of international churches known as the Alliance (aka. The Christian & Missionary Alliance). Though we share the core beliefs of Bible-believing Christians everywhere, the Alliance has particular emphases and practices that set us apart. This class will introduce you to the greater Alliance family, to our distinct vision, and to key Biblical truths of salvation, sanctification, healing, and the 2nd coming.
Defending Your Faith in Crazy Times    October 5-November 9, 6:30pm
  • This class will help you understand why we believe in the truths of Christianity. It will help you know and explain what you believe in times where Christianity is not respected. We’ll discuss logical and scientific evidence for God, Creation, the Bible, Jesus Christ, and the Resurrection.
Finding Your Place in God's Family   **NEW DATES, coming soon**
  • This course is designed to help you discover who God has made you to be so you can make an impact through God’s church. This is truly a journey of discovery that takes a lifetime; we should not expect it to be all clear and nicely packaged by the end of this course. Instead, this is to stimulate us to begin and continue the journey. We will explore together various aspects of ourselves and try to answer how the Holy Spirit will use us in God’s church.
 Eldership in the 21st Century    November 6, 11:00am
  • A local church is not ruled by a single individual. Instead, godly men—referred to in the Bible as "elders"—provide the oversight, care, and direction that a diverse collection of people needs in order to know Christ and make Him known. This class provides a Biblical understanding of the roles and priorities of elders, explains how our church implements this, and gives practical training in some necessary skills.
The Puzzle of the End Times    November 16-January 18, 6:30pm*
  • This course will explore the Bible in a progressive manner to uncover the truths about the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and related events. It will examine the entire Bible's teachings regarding the end of the world and God’s plan for the future.
*Please note: Dates for this class are not consecutive. There are weeks that will be skipped due to the holiday season. Check with your instructor for a complete list of class dates.