What is Greenhouse?

The Greenhouse is a practical education program designed to help equip God's people for life and ministry. Since God's Word is profitable for teaching, for redirecting,  for correcting, and for training in righteousness, we want to take it seriously with an intentional series of classes designed with three goals in mind:
1.      Equip healthy followers of Jesus to love, serve, and reach out.
2.      Develop elders and leaders for the church.
3.      Prepare pastors and missionaries to be sent out.

Greenhouse Information:

Greenhouse Classes typically take place on Sundays or Wednesdays. They are geared toward adults and teens.
E-mail the office if you have questions about upcoming classes.
Check back here for scheduled start dates.

Future topics include:
  • Knowing Our Bigger Family, The Alliance
  • Finding Your Place in God's Family
  • Foundations of Belief: The Holy Spirit
  • Understanding Discipleship Families
  • Defending Your Faith in Crazy Times
  • The Puzzle of the End Times
  • The Life of Christ
  • How to Share Your Faith

Scheduled Classes:

The Life of Christ     January 25-April 26, 6:30pm
  • This course will help you: understand the times, the culture, and the geography of 1st century Israel; examine the nuances of each gospel narrative; and walk through the gospel of Matthew, following the life and ministry of Jesus.
Understanding Discipleship Families     April 30-May 21, 10:30am
  • The vision of GAC is to be a Discipleship Family Based church. But what is a Discipleship Family? How do they work? How can I get involved? This class will explain the Biblical basis for what we’re doing and give practical examples and instructions for being an authentic “family.”
Sharing Jesus Effectively     May 3-24, 6:30pm
  • We  are called to go into all the world and share our faith. But how do we do this? This class will discuss the gospel, tools we can use to share the gospel, how to use our own stories of faith, and how to share Jesus effectively in an increasingly secular society.
Soul Care     *dates coming soon*
  • Join us as we walk through the principles of caring for, growing, healing, and empowering the "inner man."