May – August 2018


January – April 2018


October – December 2017

TABLE TALK – October 15, 2017

How does Jesus answer Ciaphus’ question when he is asked about being the son of God?

How should we live in a society that mocks Christ?

What should our viewpoint as Christian’s be?


June – September 2017

TABLE TALK – September 24, 2017

What are the two ways that the Holy Spirit empowers us?

What are we witnesses of?

What is God sending us out to do?


I Love My Church

TABLE TALK – May 29, 2017

Give your own definition of freedom. Why is freedom so paramount in the Christian faith?

What was the purpose of the law that God gave us? What does the “yoke of slavery” mean? What does it stand for?

What is the difference between the moral and ceremonial law? Which one did Jesus break? How does this grant us freedom?

Is keeping the moral law what saves us? If not, then what does? What should our freedom be and not be used for?

Easter Sunday Sermon (Death has been Defeated)


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